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About Us


i-Trust is an amalgamation of industry experience,ambition and combined vision for creating an organization that is a clients delight to work with and an employee's pride to be associated with.

Over 60 person years combined leadership experience in various fields of technology and business with enterprise cross globe.

i-Trust Compressor Information Management System.

Critical compressors

The compressor forms the heart of many industrial systems that use compressed air/other fluid for operations. Improper functioning of compressor results in Loss of production (identifying the source could be a problem in post mortem analysis). Increased energy consumption, Faster deterioration of compressor leading to failure which could stop production. The solution lies in continuously monitoring the operation against designed/desired targets.

Where do we start?

“When you can measure what you are talking about and express it in numbers you know something about it, But when you cannot measure it, you cannot express it in numbers then your knowledge is of a measure and unsatisfactory kind” said Lord Kelvin British physiscist 1882. “You cannot control what you cannot measure. Measurement is prerequisite to management control” said Tom DeMarco , American consultant in 1982. ICims starts with automated, accurate correct definition of what to measure.