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What do we Measure:

Flow and variation in flow over time. Load / Unload time and number of times an hour or day Start / Stop time. (After delayed unloading). Number of times an hour or day. ........... Pressure and variation during the load conditions and unload conditions. Bearing health through above SPM. Frequency of change of consumables..

We can also capture panel outputs and use image processing to extract the data.

How do we Measure

Pressure transmitters are installed in pressure ducts. These acquire pressure data and send it to the data acquisition board. The temperature transducers are also connected to the same... board. The on/off condition is measured by power consumed bt compressor (current) with the help of wireless enabled energy meters. The DAQ boards and maters transmit data to the server. The data is archived in the server. The users will access relevant data from mobile devices and or laptops anywhere on internet.
We can also capture panel outputs and use image processing to extract the data.

How we use data acquired:

By observing these values we can find out  Is the compressor of appropriate capacity for the factory (fluid consumed). ......... Is the compressor performance varying over a period of time?.
Backend analysis is carried out to present status in appropriate way to different user classes.

Mobile Application

Cell Phones are getting ‘smart’ and ‘powerful’. High speed data access is common place in phones. ICims provides access to information for different stake holders like CEOs,... operation heads, floor managers, designers and planners on phones at any time.All features of ICims are usable from the phones.
As technology evolves ICims will be upgraded to utilize advances in technology for Easier and better usage of information.